This is how I felt a few weeks ago…

I’ve been off the pill for weeks now. I don’t have the $ to get a refill until I get my closing. Meanwhile, I have steadily felt the testosterone climbing. I pluck my chin almost every day. I have a few zits now. I seem to get crazy pissed about the tiniest things. All of my emotions feel like they are on edge, like I am feeling things way too hard. Plus I have a sex drive again.

Then I remember that I was off the pill that last summer at college and I was crazy then too. I remember feeling bad and being on the phone one time with a friend & crying my eyes out. Totally abnormal for me because I hate crying in front of people. So anyway, I have connected the dots & put 2 and 2 together. Hormones are nuts.  This is why guys on steroids get more testosterone and go ape-shit.


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