This is how I feel now…

I have noticed the longer I go without the pill, the less & less sleep I get. I kind of feel like a zombie. I feel like my body is edgy & buzzing all the time because I’m not getting rest. And I’m starting to put 2 and 2 together.

For the final 6 months or so that I was at college I was going nuts because I wasn’t sleeping. Ironically, I had been on the shot for 2 years prior for the final 6 months I wasn’t on it because I saw an endocrinologist who told me to get off of it because it was bad for your bones. I have to admit I never put 2 and 2 together that being off hormones takes away my sleep until now. And now I want to know why. Because really I couldn’t live like this.

So my temper is bad, I can’t sleep, I get super hungry, I gain weight and feel edgy/dizzy etc. Ironically my blood sugar doesn’t seem as bad. I can tolerate a wider variety of foods but when the sugar starts going down a few hours later and I get hungry, I’m more ravenous and desperate.  The same things that happen when I am off that beta blocker. I started thinking what do these 2 drugs have in common? What part of the body would they affect or slow down? Of course the thyroid would be one part, but there’s nothing that can be done about that so it doesn’t really matter. The only other part I can think of is the adrenals. I’ve thought of going back into my dr. and explaining what I’ve noticed but I think it could be a big waste of time.

Afterall, as soon as I get my closing $ and that birth control pill in my hot little hand it will be in my mouth so I can sleep again. I can’t wait 6 weeks for them to order some test a you have to get an injection in the hospital to get some result (and that’s assuming that they would even want to do the test). So this is upsetting because I’m realizing that I may never really know what’s going on. It’s complicated. But then again I need to start sleeping good again, immediately.

There’s a reason why I’m wondering about all of this. A few months ago I saw a show on tv about a woman who was diagnosed with PCOS but really had something called Non-Classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. Basically it’s an adrenal problem that causes all the same symptoms, even the polycystic ovaries. But I’ve never been tested for it and I don’t think most people diagnosed with PCOS are tested for it either.

Over the summer I did an open house for an OBGYN. Ironically she had a book laying out about PCOS. My open house was slow so I picked up the book and thumbed through it- looking for any mention of this other problem. And I found it. It said that in order to be diagnosed with PCOS, a dr. is first supposed to test for the NCAH and rule it out. But I don’t think this is being done for most people. Quite upsetting.


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