So I went back to my dr. today since she had taunted me in the past by mentioning doing a “permanent solution” for the Graves. But this time she just acted like there’s nothing that can/will be done. As long as the labs are normal nothing. It doesn’t matter if you have the eye disease, a goiter & the symptoms.

Of course I got really upset and explained that I see this as an autoimmune disease with antibodies that are making me sick and I could care less where my labs fall, I’m sick of dealing with it. So she’s doing the bloodwork again. Whatever. And she basically said the antibodies will kill the gland off over time. Who cares? Why should I have to wait as my gland slowly dies off and fights back over and over?

She then once again mentioned that I might have another autoimmune disease too like Sjogren’s. Which she had mentioned last time. And I asked her if she had done any tests for it because last time she said she would. But last time my ANA was retested and was no longer positive so she said they didn’t do further tests since it would be rare to have it without the ANA. The ANA are the lupus antibodies but they’re present in other diseases. I’ve always thought that could be a possibility but even when my ANA was really high and I was carted off to a specialist it still wasn’t high enough to be lupus. And when further testing was done at that point it didn’t show signs of specific other diseases. So I’m beyond fed up. I don’t understand why this is a disease that is written off. Like you’re supposed to just live with it.

Even if I had another disease too, some of the symptoms of Graves are too specific to blame on a second disease on the side. Getting overheated, red face, anger. Blah, blah, blah. And since I told her my eyes have been gritty and hurting lately she just talked about eye drops. This recommendation NEVER sits well with me. It doesn’t provide much relief. I have only found eye pain relief from taking BUGLEWEED.  My experience has been that you have to go against the antibodies, not pour drops in your eyes and expect them to feel fine.

Maybe I will have to try to scrape together $ and go back to acupuncture, it sounds like it may be my only option. I might go to a guy my massage therapist friend knows since he’s way cheaper. In a way, I wanted to see from this appt whether to try to get help from western medicine and now I’m like, well I guess I got an answer on that one. I do’n’t know how to change this into a disease that drs actually care about and will do research & case studies to be able to treat a plethora of different cases. Because no 2 people with 1 disease will be completely alike.



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  Anita wrote @

Well I have been going through graves for about 5 years now with no resolution until I started acupuncture. I am allergic to the few medications that the doctors give you storm like reactions. I stopped seeing my doctor which wouldnt even take my calls and started going to the acupuncture a real known acupuncture here in Texas. I went through irritability,lack of sex,mood swings really bad and so on. The first time I went to the acupuncture I felt a big difference afterwards, I went a second time and my heart was hurting at the end of it and my chest had alot of pressure. My heart hurt for a day after but I see my goiter is reduced on my neck. My pulse hasnt had any difference but I started a herb in form of a pill for my stress and my mood swings and mentrual cycle which I saw a big difference with. So with lack of money also I will try to go again because she said I wont see any difference until the 3rd visit. I was really down at everything from what the doctors told me (mind you I have seen 5 doctors) and they all said surgery was to dangerous and the pills they just wanted me to take less of which wouldnt help so now i found acupuncture and I am wondering if anyone else has gone to acupuncture and it has helped them. I have three kids who are under 7 so keeping up with them just wears me out in the middle of the day and I have a very hard time getting up in the morning also. I would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions and it feels good to know that I am not alone in this struggle that the doctors dont want to pursue.

  sillywhabbit wrote @

Give it a penis.
Diseases that do something to the penis ALWAYS get attention.
As far as drops go, the only type I personally have used with my thyroid issues (because sometimes they sting SO BAD) is Simalasin. It is homeopathic and when kept in the fridge, can bring much relief.
As far as getting attention for a thyroid issue, tie it to the penis and add Viagra prescriptions…that ought to do it.

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