Still Going

Well I still haven’t made any money recently in real estate so I haven’t been to acupuncture in forever. But I am still doing way better than I was before I ever started acupuncture. My main issue lately has been that I get a second wind late at night and don’t want to go to bed. Then I’m supposed to get up in the morning and I feel dead. The other day I fell back asleep after my alarm went off. Same old song and dance. But luckily I got up in time that no one at work noticed I was late.

I took a waitressing job 2 shifts a week to try to have some money coming in. And this is something I wouldn’t have done when all my symptoms were out of control.

Mainly lately I have been more focused on trying to figure out what to eat for my blood sugar. I’m going to go see a dietician on Tuesday. I’m interested to hear what she will say about wheat. I told my doctor that it seems I have experienced swelling & weight gain since eating wheat again. She said it is just because the gluten-free diet is so restrictive. But I have to disagree the more I think about it. Because it wasn’t as extreme as a no carb diet. I still ate banana bread muffins every morning that I had made with gluten free flour. I ate gluten-free crackers and cookies, pasta. I ate potatoes, rice, potato chips, corn chips (all bad for the blood sugar). And I was super thin. So I think it’s the wheat, not that’s it’s restrictive.

I also got sick of all the side effects of the various birth control pills I had tried to help manage my PCOS/endometriosis. I couldn’t find a happy medium. My dr. kept suggesting the Nuvaring and finally I gave in. Apparently it has the lowest dose of estrogen (and estrogen has had bad side effects for me). Well, I still felt sick like I had turned green or something during that special time of the month. I remembered that she had told me that she had endometriosis and she wore her Nuvaring continuously and just opted out of the periods. So I tried that last month and it worked.

And I just now realized that for once in my life I haven’t really been craving chocolate. Usually I think about it a lot and go to the drug store to buy different kinds. So that’s interesting. But I still feel rather dry & asexual so I don’t know what i will do in the long run. They can’t seem to offer me any explanations or other alternatives which is annoying. You would think that if they know what hormones you’re lacking and what you have too much of, that it could be easily made up for, but I guess not. Even when I was on the progesterone only pill I had some good side effects: (didn’t feel asexual or numb from the waist down. less facial hair) but the bad side effects of horrible cramping and not being able to cool off all day outweighed the good side effects.


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