the latest appt

at the last appointment, for the first time I really didn’t have much in the way of complaints for her to work on. Maybe that I was emotional but that was about it. Since then, I got super emotional over some jackass and my gland immediately swelled right up again. It looks like I have a double chin and I’m not even chubby really. So I could immediately see that there is a strong connection between controlling your emotions and managing your thyroid. I’m thinking about getting involved in some meditation/buddhist groups here to learn how to keep myself calm even when people hurt my feelings. At least, that’s the goal.

Also at that appt while the needles were in I thought “my acupuncturist has done so much for me. she has given me hope and a better outlook when everything seemed so dark for so long and it felt like there was no end to my problems. what can I do for her?” of course I thought about writing a testimonial. so I told her that on my way out and she just lit up. she was so happy and grateful. I’m thinking because she seems very humble, that she would never ask someone to write one, she just waits for them. and I thought mine would make a difference since it’s for a disease and most of the ones on her website are just for one complaint like headaches. so she said the next appt will be free if I bring it with me. I just really want to spread the word, that even though I still have hard days. and lately I’ve had a rougher time getting up the stairs (but I’ve been forgetting to take my herbs) things are way better and way more manageable than what they were before. it’s lightyears apart.

I also forced myself to run 2 miles a few weeks ago. the last 2 laps were pure agony but it made me feel strong to be able to say I did it.


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