More running, less acupuncture

I went running twice this week. I went to a local wooded park that I had been to once before and had a weird experience at. The experience had left me thinking that these particular woods were “haunted” or had some kind of supernatural thing going on in them. But a friend had told me that she goes there and didn’t experience that. So I decided to check it out again. I didn’t experience anything super scary. I forgot how hilly the place is though. I don’t have the strength to run up those hills so I would run a little walk a little. And I felt stronger for being out there. But every since my shoulders and back have felt really tight.

It seems like it’s been forever since my last acupuncture session and I can definitely tell a difference. Last week I didn’t sleep much because I was always still wide awake at 1 or 2 am. Plus like I said, you feel weaker and sore when you wake up in the morning. At work I keep forgetting things. I get paid this next friday so I will try to see if I can get an appt on Saturday.

I also had run out of $ and subsequently gone off the Pill for 2 weeks. My gyn had said the pill wouldn’t have much effect on my blood sugar, but I think it really did. Because there were a few days where my hands were shaking pretty much the whole day. And I have had a much harder time regulating the sugar since then.  I have been catching myself having high blood sugar a few times. I have been back on the pill for 5 days but am still not feeling back to normal. I don’t know if the pill was helping me before or the acupuncture. I also still want to try a progesterone only pill. My gyn is against this because she says a lack of estrogen is what causes dryness “down there.” But I found a PCOS message board and a lot of people said they didn’t have dryness UNTIL they went on the pill. Which seems to be the case for me. It also pointed out that some people are estrogen dominant, meaning they don’t need to take more estrogen. I don’t know, maybe the progesterone only pill won’t help me – but I think it’s worth a try at least.


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