Sunday run – January 6th

Sunday I wanted to try out those new running clothes. See if they made me feel streamlined. I had stayed out the previous night very late and had 2 beers so needless to say I was tired and weak on Sunday, but still felt the urge to run. It wasn’t very cold outside. I didn’t have as hard of a time picking my feet up. I had more of a problem feeling like low-sugary and like I could fall every time my foot hit the pavement. But overall I was pleased with the run. It is still amazing to me to be able to breathe like a normal runner does. And if I recall I felt lighter on my feet. I was excited because my goal of doing a 5k in the future seemed a lot more doable. It’s like I can visualize myself getting back to that point.

I have still felt weak, or like it takes a lot of effort to walk up the stairs, or like it’s hard to sleep sometimes or my mind is racing at warp speed. But I can’t imagine my life had I not started with acupuncture. It’s amazing that she has gotten me back into running at all, even if I can’t run far yet. Absolutely amazing.


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