Going Eastern in my head

Today I went to her office to get the herbs I had run out of. I do this because I am low on money all the time and I think having to drive all the way up there to see her on another day reinforces the treatment in my mind and maybe on some level it feels like a commitment to getting better.

While there I started talking to a lady in the waiting room. It was her first appointment and she seemed to need encouragement that it would work. She was there for menopausal symptoms and it was making her depressed too. She was trying to get her son to come for anxiety & insomnia but he was skeptical. She was asking me if I saw any difference and I said yes, this has actually given me hope that I can get better whereas when I was faced with the Western M.D.s not wanting to do much I felt like I had no hope – like they just wanted me to suffer. I told her about how I don’t have to take my sleep medicine anymore and how I’m trying to get back into running. How things just seem more clear. I also explained that my problem also involves too much heat in my body and one of the herbs she gave me helps with that. (When I first started going to acupuncture I never had her put the heater on in the room, but now sometimes I do.) The lady wanted to know how long I had been going and how long it would take me to get better. I didn’t even bring up my reproductive issues but said I think it may take me a while because I see it as her peeling back all the layers. It made me feel good to give someone else encouragement. When you think about it, there’s really not a lot that Western medicine can do for menopause. Hormones, with estrogen being linked to breast cancer. Lube. And that’s about it – it seems.

I think either my hormones are a hot mess or the Graves is just heating up and drying out my whole system. I talked to my gyno on the phone and she thinks my yeast issues are drying me out. Which could be true. I’m just afraid it’s the PCOS itself. The hormonal problems. Or I thought it might be the pill throwing me off since I never had this problem before I was on the pill. She doesn’t think the pill would cause that. But she is gung ho for people taking all manner of hormones. She said if the yeast is completely gone and the dryness persists then I can always do Nuva Ring. I guess it dampens everything. My problem with this is that I don’t like having to rely on something like that for a problem that I shouldn’t be having until I’m 50! This is just crazy to me. I am obsessed with getting to the root of the problem, not just trying to smooth over them the way Western medicine does. Maybe I have gone completely eastern or holistic in my head. I’m not sure. But it’s hard to relate to the way these thing are thought of.

In other news I am still waiting on the CAT scan for the kidney stones. I am on a city health plan so I am having to wait a long time. I hope it happens soon.

I went to the company christmas dinner tonight and I felt like I was being made fun of for not drinking. I have a sensitive stomach and don’t like alcohol with food. And the dr. told me no bubbly drinks with kidney stones and wine would have me too tipsy.  They were also laughing that I was actually eating the blooming onion. ( I don’t eat a lot of fast food).  Then at some point someone was asking me about my dip for my catfish and I was saying a little goes a long way and I didn’t want to go overboard with it. Then my boss said “Do you ever go overboard? You seem really conservative to me” which I took as a huge insult. I guess I just hate that people act like I’m a prude about food without knowing why I eat the way I do.  And at the job they’re always yelling at me for one thing or another and I feel on edge so I never really let loose. The whole thing just annoyed me. I know that place is bogging me down, spiritually. I feel like I can’t be myself there.


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  soperfectithurts wrote @

Hey, you don’t know me, but I came across your blog because you tagged it with the word “acupuncture”. I myself used to have PCOS, and suspect it comes back here and there, but I don’t get it checked out because I get regular acupuncture treatments and I have better ways of gauging how I’m doing.
I started seeing an acupuncturist when I was 22 for weight loss, PCOS, and asthma. I got so inspired by the medicine that now I am in school for it, and am graduating next year.
I also now have my own patients (at the school clinic) and have a patient with Grave’s disease who is doing much, much better. He used to come in sweating profusely to every treatment (LOTS of heat in his system) and I haven’t seen him sweat in probably a month now. So… keep it up!! Acupuncture is amazing. It never ceases to amaze me, even after 4 years.


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