that gagging sensation is gone

I just realized that the gagging sensation I always used to have is gone. It used to be that a lot of the time when I would eat something I would get this gross feeling in around my throat. I called it “throat nausea” because while I didn’t think I would throw up or anything like that – it was a really gross feeling. And I would also always feel like air was trying to come up my throat to make a burp, but it would always stop at my throat. It was just gross. I would always grab my throat when this would happen because it seemed to make me feel better somehow and sometimes people would notice and they would ask if I was ok. But I just realized I haven’t had that lately. I can’t help but think it had to do with the energy blockage/big goiter going on around my throat.

I also realized yesterday when talking to the Seattle woman why my labs never went hyper. As bad as my symptoms have been and as close as I have come to losing jobs over it, having to live with my parents because I would pass out or have to go to the hospital – my heart rate was still never super crazy like most peoples. Most of the time with this it has been 80 or 84. Sometimes I would be trying to sleep and it would be in the 90’s or 100. I think it has just felt really bad for me because I feel good with a heart rate of 60. I feel on edge when it goes faster than that. 60 must have been what my heart rate used to be. But I know a lot of these people have heart rates that sit at 120. I also read about another lady recently who was very athletic and had a heart rate in the 30’s and 40’s. When she got sick it went into the 50’s and 60’s and was bothering her. It’s amazing that it bothers people so much just going up some. It doesn’t even have to be the worst case scenario.


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