the seattle woman who used acupuncture for her graves

I finally called the lady who cured her graves with acupuncture who had given me her #. I wanted to hear more about it and needed that boost. She was friendly and fun to talk to.  She said she is from Korea and sees a dr. in Seattle named Dr. Ma who she recommends to everyone who lives there.

She said she went to the acupuncturist every day for a month and 1/2 when she had Graves. And then it got better. Her daughter got it young and went every day for 3 months and had to drink foul-tasting herbs every day also. She said you may go through relapses at first but you are treating the root cause of why it got started in your body in the first place so eventually it will not come back.

I asked her if she thinks it matters that I’m not doing it as intensely as she was as far as how often I go. I’m now going every 2 weeks & she went every day. She said I should just be patient, it will work. She pointed out that a lot of Americans give up on acupuncture because they are used to just taking a pill to treat the symptom and it works right away, whereas Chinese medicine treats the root and will take longer but will work. She also said whatever you do, never stop going. Even if you can only afford it every 3 weeks by all means go. Don’t stop. NEVER GIVE UP. Which makes sense to me. I’m doing better with this than any Western treatment so far.

 After the daughter was better, the Seattle Children’s Hospital had wanted to do some clinical trials but the acupuncturist said that no 2 patients are alike, you wouldn’t give them all the same herbs or same acupuncture points so it isn’t something you can do a trial on.

She also said part of the reason why the acupuncturist won’t always explain what they’re doing is that there isn’t any easy English way of explaining it that would be equivalent. They know in their heads why they’re doing certain things, but there’s no English terminology to verbalize it to us. So she said if you really want to understand what’s going on with your body you have to ask a lot of questions and get them to try to put it into our context.

She also got breast cancer 2 years ago and did surgery and radiation but opted out of chemo. She also kept seeing her acupuncturist and he recommended seeing him every week for 3 years which she is still doing. She says she feels better than she EVER had before.

She also said now what’s important in life is so much clearer to her. And that was that health comes first and that you have to focus on these three points:

1. staying emotionally well

2. nutrition

3. exercise

I had mentioned how the acupuncturist said I was emotional like tons of emotions had led to everything and she said

“Go to a place where you are calm and can be yourself.”

 So I liked how she broke it down for me like that.

And she said call if you ever get discouraged. Which is the one good thing that has come out of dealing with health issues. I have gotten to talk on the phone to people from across the country who I otherwise wouldn’t have had a reason to reach out to.


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