A cold run and Nov. 30th acupuncture

Yesterday=Went for a run

It was very cold out. I had my old running tights on. I love wearing ludicrous things when I run. Or I guess in any sport you have to love the gear that goes with it, so I was excited to don the tights again. It’s silly, but when else can you wear spandex and it’s ok? Anywho, so it was cold out. I went to the track so as not to have to run on any inclines. The first lap wasn’t fun. I had forgotten that I used to hate the first 1/4-1/2 mile in the cold. But after that I was fine. I appreciated that my heart rate did not soar at all. It stayed slow and steady. While I also jogged slow and steady. I only ran a mile and felt like I was taking baby steps, but that is exactly what I’m doing so that’s ok. Hopefully taking baby steps back to normalcy.

I think my legs were getting tired because on the last lap I almost tripped over my toes a few times, but if my legs were hurting I couldn’t feel them because it was just too cold!  I think sometimes it’s hard for me not to have that old cross-country mentality still in my mind of “A mile is just a warm up or cool down” because back then a mile was nothing, but now it’s something. Since I didn’t have to focus as much on barely being able to pick up my legs or not being able to catch my breath I was able to just kind of let my mind go. It’s like you focus on the slow rhythm of your breathing and it’s very meditative. That’s why I always liked running -it frees your mind. Well, besides that it gave me an excuse to run in the woods or get outside. Running around a track is boring to me though so I may have to figure out some other places to run that are also safe and springy. Hard combo to come by.

Acupuncture – Nov. 30th = Today

I did a better job of remembering the important points to tell her. I even mentioned the dryness “down there.” She said that was probably due to the heat in my body – it dries out everything. Which would make sense because my mouth is always dry so I’m always drinking water. So hopefully this can be fixed. During the acupuncture I was a little dissapointed that I didn’t go into some dramatic deep meditative state like I did one time. And she had turned the heater off in the room because I had gotten hot before so then I got cold just laying there with an open gown on. That’s what I find weird about acupuncture, it’s supposed to be relaxing, which it is. But it’s hard to totally relax when you have a gown on that’s open in the front. I mean you can’t have a blanket over you because of the needles. And you do have underwear/bra on, but I always want a blanket.

I was trying really hard to eavesdrop on the guy in the next room and what he was telling her. I wanted to know his reason for going to her – just out of curiousity. She had music on too and usually it hypes me up because it has a definite rhythm to it so I’ll start picturing lilypads or something. But this time it was a little more new agey, more freeform. So it didn’t bother me.

I’m feeling really hyped up tonight. I don’t make much money at what I do now so I got accepted to a city health program. The dr. there oked my beta blocker, but her pharmacy doesn’t carry the inderal that I take. So I called them and said have her rewrite the prescription for propranolol, but it seems to take them a long time to do things so I’m not expecting it to happen right away. Meanwhile I feel like my heart’s racing even though it’s prolly only going 80 or 84. I think I just feel comfortable with it at 60. I’m hoping these next few days aren’t tough because of it. It’s the weekend now so that pharmacy isn’t even open. I felt really shakey/anxious this morning so we’ll see, altho I usually feel bad in the mornings at work in one way or another.


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