that acupuncturist knows what she’s doing

The pain on my lower left side of my back went away so I don’t know if it was stone or not. Meanwhile the battle of the neverending yeast infection rages on. I just started taking acidophilus to see if that would help. I really hope I won’t be battling this the rest of my life. It’s insane. And I also realized it’s either my hormones are off or one of my meds but I am dryer than the grand canyon down there and I’m way too young for that. I really want to figure out what is causing that. I’m now on the pill so I don’t know how that factors in. But I do know I never had this problem before I was on the pill or when I was on the shot (which is just progesterone I guess). I also have done some reading recently that suggests that people with PCOS aren’t producing progesterone like they should, but have enough estrogen. I don’t know if too much estrogen would be a bad thing down there. I also had a dr. tell me once that it might be my beta blocker, but this started before I was on that. I just hope to God it’s not some correlation to me not being on Glucophage (aka insulin regulating med that ties you to the toilet 24/7 + sends you to the hospital with dehydration)

I have been pretty tired/lazy this week. I still have the bad habit of not going to bed early when I’m extra tired. Last night I was starting to go back to how I used to be. I was exhausted around 6-7 pm then got through that, drank a cup of white tea and was majorly hyped up, not wanting to go to bed. I felt like my whole body was buzzing all over again just like before. I had started thinking that I had been doing better on the original herb the acupuncturist gave me which she said was for excess heat and thirst in the body. Funnily enough I ran out of the current herb I was taking and went back to her office to get more. I didn’t mention that I thought the first herb had been better. She just out and gave me that one along with another one. It was like she subconsciously knew somehow, or maybe from observing me. My face got it’s red splotchy look on it today to go along with how I was feeling. Edgy, weak, my blood sugar went low at work and made everything look like I was in a parallel universe etc. I couldn’t go to lunch because the other lady had already gone and I had to stay put. I’m pretty sure that in chinese medicine a red spread over the cheeks is a sign of fire in the body. So I’m wondering if she knew just from that. I am fascinated either way though.


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