Chic chic a boom, chic chic a boom and stones

Today I go running and my legs felt better than they had, but it was hard to breathe when I was going uphill. I looked up what my target heart rate should be to see if my heart is going too fast when I run. It said it should be 98-146. Today my heart rate was 184 when I was done then I took it a few seconds later and it was 160. Either way I see this as way too fast. So I’m not sure the acupuncture has helped my heart rate. I don’t want to push a heart that goes too fast.

I guess a famous marathoner who was 28 just died recently because he had an enlarged heart and the drs said he should be safe to run. I went to the saucony website at some point recently and their main page was a picture of this guy which was a nice gesture.

 ryanshay.jpg Maybe I will only run on a track from now on. Flat, springy surfaces. Or get one of those heart rate monitors. I sort of gauge how things are going by how a run goes since running used to be second nature. At last it feels like my heart rate stays at a calmer more steady pace on flat springy surfaces.

I also went to a dr. the other day to see if I had kidney stones. She said it sounded like it was either that or urethritis. So I have to pee in a bucket and pour it through a strainer to see if I can find any stones. Haven’t found any so far. I hope it’s not a huge stone just sitting there. She also said I would have a CAT scan but I don’t know when this will happen. I forgot to ask because I assumed she meant we would go ahead and schedule it, but I guess not because I didn’t see it written up on any forms or anything. I will have to call. Meanwhile my left side of my low back still hurts every day. Not for the whole day but it will always start up at some point and then I take advil which usually gets rid of most of it.


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