sleeping without sleep medicine

Nov. 19th – another acupuncture appt.

I will have to start spacing them out more because I can’t afford them AND pay my bills.

I have slept for a total of 6 nights without sleep medicine. I usually wake up to pee an hour before my alarm goes off. It is so nice to be able to lay down and have my body turn itself off and go to sleep. Before I just felt like there was no off switch. My body never wanted to sleep without that medicine. And I think this will help me feel MUCH more clear-headed too. I say the less medications in my system the better.

But the back pain on my left side that is in the same area it was when I had the UTI is still there. It’s not there all day but when it is there it can be really bad. Like a grinding pain as if there’s a set of teeth in there grinding together. With the urine being too alkaline and having blood in it in the past, I still think it could be kidney stones. I told the acupuncturist this and she said I need to go see a dr. so I made an appt tommorrow. I don’t know if they will have to refer me to a specialist to find out though. I hope not.


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