“Run run as fast as you can – you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread man”


Nov. 15th – Today I had another Acupuncture appt.

I always feel kind of rushed during the part where I tell her how I feel. I get the impression that the acupuncture is more about doing than talking. I tell her the big things that are going on . Like how I have a yeast infection (never ending) and I’m worried that I have a UTI again or kidney stones. This is because it burns when I pee and the drs have said they found blood in my urine and my urine was too alkaline. Then this week my left kidney has been hurting. I couldn’t really focus as much on Graves related things to tell her because these are what’s really bothering me this week.

I also realized my sleep medicine is really bothering me. It works and all. But it has bad side effects. I feel out of it for the first 3 hours at work. I feel dizzy and my mind isn’t clear at all. The other day I tripped and practically fell on this baby stroller in one of the back offices and I was just hoping people didn’t assume I had a drug or alcohol problem. Nope, just my sleep medicine.

I’m trying to really cut down on it. But the downside of that is that I’m a night owl – I love the nighttime and often get inspired during that time to read, make art etc. So I am always wide awake. Sometimes I really need that medicine to shut me down.

During the acupuncture I felt all revved up. I had a hard time relaxing. She had turned music on and I think I might try to do it without music from now on. My mind kind of raced. She then gave me a different herb to take now. Before I had taken one to reduce heat and thirst. This one is reduce emotions and thirst. She also gave me a chinese herb for my urinary tract. She said this should get rid of a UTI or cleanse the system.

Then I got home and still felt revved up so I decided to try going for a run. After all, I always loved running in this 50 degree weather. Well let me say this. It was the best run I ran probably in almost 3 years. My breathing felt normal like it used to. My quads ached and were hard to pick up on the slight inclines but I was so impressed at my heart rate and breathing. It was like old times. I felt like I was breathing at a slow steady level and going at a slow steady jog.

For these past few years whenever I attempted to run not only were my legs like lead but my heart was going too fast and it was like I couldn’t catch my breath. And I had been used to running cross-country so I knew how good running feels when you’re healthy. If you’re running for endurance it doesn’t feel like you’re desperately trying to breathe. And I remembered why I liked running so much. It calms me down. The pattern of calm rhythmic breathing is meditative and I love how things go by fast enough to notice details but not slow enough to get bored (I get bored on walks). I always liked that you could cover more ground on a run. So I’m hoping that the weakness in my legs will go away. Maybe I can build up the muscle.


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