I am absolutely exhausted today. Maybe it’s from staying up too late and having to get up too early as usual, but it’s also definitely the Graves. I went to work, got home and felt like doing absolutely nothing. I’m also wondering if the Chinese herb she gave me has anything to do with this. If I have to feel exhausted before I can get better. Hmmm…….In other news I did a search on Graves + acupuncture on the internet last week and came up with a website where a lady mentioned that acupuncture cured Graves in 2 people. It said she didn’t have the story posted yet but to email if you had questions in the meantime. So I emailed and she got the email of one of the people cured by Graves and gave it to me. That lady in turn emailed me and told me a bit about it and said when her daughter got it they also cured hers with acupuncture. She said I can call her anytime so I think I will.

The other thing is that with the possible endometriosis the acupuncturist said she put extra effort into working on that and trying to help me not have really bad cramps and nausea. So I can report that I have not had awful cramps/nausea this time around. For the last 4 months it had been getting progressively worse and last month I was so nauseous I thought about throwing up and got lightheaded from not eating much one day. But this month I have mainly just felt a fullness down there, not bad cramping or anything unmanageable. So the woman must know what she’s doing. She also had told me to stop having drinks with ice in them or anything very cold like ice cream the few days preceding your period. She said this tends to bring on cramps.


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