acupuncture appt – Monday Nov. 5th

She asked me how I was doing and I told her I saw great improvements with the mental aspects as far as feeling calmer, more spiritual etc. but I still had the physical aspects like weakness, shaking legs when going up the stairs, heart palpitations etc. And by the end of the week I had started to get restless/hyper and felt like the acupuncture had worn off.

 Although throughout the week I thought I was a little less ravenous and thirsty than usual, and maybe I had to pee less – it’s hard to say. I told her that after the last appt I felt so good that it crossed my mind to go running and I wondered if that would hype me up and undo the good effects of the acupuncture. She said it shouldn’t and that I can try it if I want. This time I wasn’t afraid of the needles and I barely felt them. They didn’t hurt. Last time I had been so tense that they did hurt a little. As soon as she had them all in my arms got really heavy and I felt paralyzed with an intense calm feeling. After she left the room I looked to see where the needles were, then I shut my eyes and relaxed. It kind of forced me into a meditation-like state for a while. I still feel like my muscles are heavy and tingly. I also felt very blissful, happy, goofy, full of joy during the session. Things I had been worried about before seemed kind of ridiculous.  I wanted to laugh that the needles were stuck in my stomach they way you stick a meat thermometer in a piece of meat. Non-funny things were funny to me.

I also found out I was supposed to be taking 4 herbal pills 3 times a day, not 1 once a day as I had been taking them. So tonight I took 4 pills and then went to the library and was just burning up (still am). This pill is supposed to fight the overheating aspect that is going on, so it makes me wonder if my body is fighting it and making me hotter. I’m not sure. If it continues I might call her tommorrow.


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  contoveros wrote @

So, what happened? I was sent here from one of those “see related posts,” and I want to know if acupuncture eventually worked.

Do I have to read other posts to find out?

Please give me a hint.


michael j

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