what drove me to try acupuncture

I have decided to embark into the mystical world of acupuncture. I almost feel like I was led in this direction. it started because I was forced to follow up with the drs that monitor my polycystic ovary issue which in turn causes my low blood sugar. once again their only recommendation was to go back on this diabetes medication that is supposed to balance out your hormones which in turn is supposed to balance out your insulin etc. but then of course they once again said “but you can’t really eat carbs with this unless you want to have stomach problems” which translates to being chained to a toilet all day. I used to take basically the same medication and I think it had much to do with my constant stomach upset, and not only that – it doesn’t make you actually FEEL any better.

So this irritated me to high heaven. I tried to explain to them that I have some weird form of Graves disease and I’m constantly hungry and not eating carbs is a starvation diet for me. But I got the vibe that they thought I was one of those noncompliant people. The more I thought about it the more upset I got about my experiences with Western medicine. for the last 4 years I have thrown most of my income away on drs visits. Some of their medications have made great improvements in my life (beta blockers). But because I have Graves showing in my eyes but by labs are not outside the normal range I cannot truly get treatment. They enjoy throwing a drug at me for each seperate symptom, which naturally starts to add up when you have something like Graves that has about 20 symptoms. And it also adds up on your pocket book. So I thought “I’m sick of playing these games and jumping through hoops all for nothing.” They had also said that some of my symptoms sounded like endometriosis – which I had heard acupuncture might help so I was starting to get curious about it. 

I called up a Chinese acupuncturist when she asked if I wanted an appointment her bright subdued voice won me over.

My first session was: Monday, October 29th, 2007

Before it was my turn I could hear the guy in the next room making all these noises and I thought “geez, he’s being noisy.” But then when it was my time to get stuck I did the same thing. You get nervous right before each stick so I would laugh each time. So she left me to lay like that. I started feeling nauseous just thinking of all the needles in me, so I had to pretend there weren’t any. Then when she took them out I felt really tingly in certain places. Like Icy Hot. I felt pretty happy, content, and calm afterwards. For once I could just drive with no music on and not fidget with the radio. I remember thinking that my head felt different and that I felt more like my old self. More goofy. So far afterwards I feel like I can tell a difference. She gave me this chinese medicine to take to cool me down and I still get hot sometimes but I keep thinking I feel cool like a cucumber other times.  I also feel like I can let things roll off my back a little easier, although today I can tell it’s starting to wear off a bit. But my hands shake so I’m constantly knocking glasses of water over so today I knocked one over of course and it pissed me off, but it wasn’t the same level of pissed by any means. No expletives were screamed. I also felt like I had more clarity. I was more in tune. She said in the beginning I will have to do it often so as not to lose the results we have gained, so as much as I am dying to quit my job I will have to tough it out til I find another.

An intense moment of clarity came at work.  In the morning there were 4 notes waiting for me about things I had done wrong. E.G. “no more drinks at your desk” because of course my shaking hand knocked one over and got water in the calculator. So here I am, papers spread out all over my desk with these notes just glaring at me. And I just had the strongest feeling, that voice in my head saying “walk out now. You get your ass up and you walk out. This is so wrong for you. This is so against everything you are. You are abstract, this job is technical and mathmatical. The people are mean and unhelpful.” you catch my drift. So I didn’t walk out because I was thinking that I have to pay my bills and pay for acupuncture. But I felt like everything was so clear as if my inner voice was back.

I dunno, the physical things still abound, like my heart still pounds when I go up a few steps. I’ve felt nauseous a few times. My legs shake when I walk up the stairs. I probably  can’t go running, but since I’ve felt results I’m very curious to see how far I can go with it.



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was acupuncture successful or did you have RAI?

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